Neutral Internet eXchange
NIX.CZ allows you to connect, interact and share in whole new ways.

How to connect to NIX.CZ

Joining NIX.CZ is very easy. Companies that are interested in connecting to the NIX.CZ platform can choose either a direct connection or they can take advantage of a remote connection through a partner in the Partner Program. If you are a company that meets all the eligibility criteria and you wish to establish a direct connection, please download and fill out the application form, based on which we will prepare the customer service agreement for you. Any company, which is interested in connecting to NIX.CZ must ensure a connection (metallic or optical) to one of the NIX.CZ collocations. The demarcation point is the port in the switch at NIX.CZ (the transceiver is provided by NIX.CZ solely on the NIX.CZ side). If you are within the same collocation, ask your data center to cross-connect you with the racks of NIX.CZ. Connecting customers who are interested in membership of the Association may enquire about the entry conditions at

Companies interested in connecting to NIX.CZ remotely are kindly asked to contact our Contractual Partners for Remote connection (Partner Program) for detailed information and entry conditions.


Partner Program

NIX.CZ has an interest in increasing the number of new customers and to this end, has developed a Partner Program, which allows its partners to give access to new customers on one aggregated port.

Partner Program requirements:

  • The partner is a member or a customer of NIX.CZ.
  • The partner utilises an already existing port or establishes a separate port with NIX.CZ (at least 1x10GE) designed for the data traffic of customers connected remotely, through the partner program.
  • The partner manages their customer relationship including sales, contracts and billing and provides the remotely connected customers with 24/7 technical support.
  • The connection of each new customer through a partner shall be subject to prior approval by NIX.CZ.
  • Each customer connected through a partner receives the appropriate IP addresses of the NIX.CZ peering VLAN.
  • Each customer connected through a partner gains access to the extranet of NIX.CZ and must comply with the Operating Rules of NIX.CZ.
  • The minimum contract term between NIX.CZ and a Contractual Partner for Remote Connection is 24 months.
  • NIX.CZ charges the partner and provides him with 24/7 technical support.

partner solution

To find out more about the NIX.CZ Association's Partner Program and its sign-up conditions please contact us by e-mail at



This service is based on DNS Hosting Agreement.
The conditions and procedures vary according to the individual needs of each customer.