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The new issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter has been published

The December issue of the newsletter brings information about the cooperation between NIX.CZ and the largest peering node in the world, which is the German DE-CIX. The next article of this issue is an invitation to the 10th edition of the international conference Peering Days, which NIX.CZ and its partners are organizing in March in Sofia, Bulgaria.


DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, has chosen the NIX.CZ association as its regional partner

The German Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX has chosen the NIX.CZ association as a partner for cooperation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Their mutual goal is to provide the peering services to networks connected in these countries. For DE-CIX, NIX.CZ is a stable partner that has been covering the needs of networks in the Central European region continually and reliably. Companies connected to NIX.CZ can now connect with more than thousand different networks which exchange data at one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges, DE-CIX Frankfurt in Germany.

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with NIX.CZ, an association with which we enjoy trusted cooperation. We consider NIX.CZ to be an established and valued partner, thanks to which we can offer our customers greater geographical reach and availability. Enterprises are in search of simplified complete solutions that solve their network platform needs, looking for value, performance, security and geographical distribution,” explains Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX.

“Partnering with DE-CIX underlines the importance of our connecting nodes in Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. To become a regional partner of such an important company is a confirmation of the quality and stability of the services that our association provides. Customers of both exchanges will be able to use the services through the so-called ‘’one-stop-shop,’” said Adam Golecky, the CEO of the NIX.CZ association.


The Peering Days International Conference registration has opened

Network operators,  peering nodes operators as well as representatives of data center owners from all over the world can now register for the 10th Peering Days conference. The conference will take place next year in March (March 28th to 30th) in Sofia, Bulgaria. This event has seen hundreds of participants every year and is traditionally organized  by representatives of peering nodes from the Czech Republic (NIX.CZ), Hungary (BIX.HU) and Austria (VIX.AT). The local host this time will be BIX.BG.

"Ten years - that´s already a tradition. When we held the first Peering Days conference at Václav Havel Airport in Prague, few of us could have imagined what this event would become in ten years. I dare say that together with my colleagues from Austria and Hungary, we have  built a conference that is an important,  sought-after gathering for networking professionals from around the world.  Even though in this day and age virtual meetings  have become commonplace, in my opinion, face-to-face meetings are still irreplaceable. I am convinced that my colleagues see it this way as well, and we will meet in Sofia in large numbers," said Adam Golecký, CEO of the NIX.CZ association.


Save the Date: The 10th Peering Days conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria next year

The traditional international conference of network specialists - Peering Days - will take place  in Sofia, Bulgaria, from March 28th to 30th 2023. Network administrators, peering coordinators and data center operators from all over the world have been invited to the event. The popular meeting of network specialists is organized again, for the tenth time, by representatives of Central European peering nodes from the Czech Republic (NIX.CZ), Hungary (BIX) and Austria (VIX). The local host this time will be the largest Bulgarian interconnection node, BIX.BG.

In the past, the Peering Days conference offered a number of interesting lectures and workshops. The archives containing presentations from individual years are available at


The new issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter has been published

The June issue of the newsletter reports on the appointment of Ondřej Filip, the association's chairman, as one of fourteen trusted community representatives who have the keys to a vault that stores access data to the so-called "hardware security module". Its initiation is necessary for the whole process of signing the root zone. The following report is connected to the establishment of a cooperation with the University of Žilina, where students are taught applied network technology. We also mention the establishment of a new connection point in Bratislava and we remind you that CSNOG 2022, the community meeting for not only Czech and Slovak network administrators, will take place in Brno on 20th and 21st June.