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The 6th CEE Peering Days event

The 6th CEE Peering Days conference took place in Berlin last week. The conference traditionally welcomes the representatives of peering nodes, ISPs, and Datacenter providers. Over the years this conference has become a major event and one which is regularly attended by experts from around the world to share their experience and discuss potential cooperation with fellow attendees. The main organizers of the event were the neutral peering nodes: NIX.CZ, and, and the local partner of the conference was the Berlin-based BCIX.

Martin Semrád, CEO of NIX.CZ., said that:"Interest in the CEE Peering Days is growing across Europe and the Central European conference is becoming a pan-European event. A total of 214 participants attended this year’s event, thanks to which we also received support from the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). In addition to traditional topics related to routing and security, topics of regulatory issues - which IXPs must often address - in particular the implications of the NIS Directive discussed by Zuzana Duračinska from CSIRT.CZ, were included in the programme ".

Presentations by representatives of EURO-IX, RIPE NCC, Netflix or PeeringDB are already available on the conference website. Those who are interested may find a comprehensive report including photos at


The circle of the FENIX project members widened by Master Internet

Master Internet joined the circle of the FENIX project, operated by the neutral peering node NIX.CZ, today as the 19th company involved in the project. The goal of this project is to ensure availability of Internet services for networks involved, in case of a DoS attack. Other members of the security project are for example: Cetin, Seznam, T-Mobile or CD-Telematika.

The members of the FENIX project manage the project themselves and have complete decision-making autonomy. FENIX is a set of organisational and technical rules that enhance network security. The project. among other things, aims to identify key cyber security issues and set safety standards for the rest of the market.


The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter presents the ColorX project and looks back at the EURO-IX Forum, of which NIX.SK, the Slovak neutral internet exchange was a partner. Furthermore, this issue informs about the new record in data transmission in NIX.SK, the threshold of 50 Gbps has been crossed. It also reminds unregistered attendees that the registration for the CEE Peering Days conference is open. The event will take place on 6th and 7th March in Berlin.


Another Czech security team NIX.CZ-CSIRT listed by Trusted Introducer

The security team of the Czech neutral peering node NIX.CZ (NIX.CZ-CSIRT) has been approved (status: listed) by the security teams community Trusted Introducer. The organisation brings together existing security teams from banks, internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, universities or domain administrators. The main goal of NIX.CZ-CSIRT will be to coordinate solutions of potential security incidents among the members and/or customers of NIX.CZ or within the NIX.SK project.

“It is not very common for peering nodes to have a dedicated security team of this kind. Our main goal is to adapt the technology and processes of NIX.CZ to increase the security of our interconnected networks. At this moment, the status of our security team is ‘listed’, but in the future, we would like to improve our position to reach Trusted Introducer’s ‘accredited’ status. This will enable us, among other things, to be in direct contact with specific experts in other European countries“, said Martin Semrad, the director of the neutral peering node NIX.CZ.


NIX.CZ offers ColorX, which expands the offer of services to connected networks

The Czech neutral peering node NIX.CZ introduces a new service, ColorX, to connected networks. The goal of this service is to enable the interconnection of individual networks within NIX.CZ at first layer level (according to the ISO / OSI reference model). This service is not common with internet exchanges. Companies opting ​​for the ColorX service will experience an increase in efficiency of existing fibre optic connections to NIX.CZ due to a wave multiplex (CWDM). The service will allow interconnections only within a given data center.

"We initiated a discussion on the ColorX service with our members during our regular working groups, it turned out that members are interested in such type of service and that they would like to sign up for it. The pricing conditions for this service will be published early next year. Those who are interested can contact NIX.CZ right away, " said Adam Golecký, Technical Director of NIX.CZ.


Registration for CEE Peering Days 2018 now open

You can now register for the sixth annual CEE Peering Days by going to The conference will take place on 6th and 7th March 2018 in Berlin and is again jointly organised by the neutral peering nodes NIX.CZ, and, with BCIX as our local partner.

The two-day conference will be open to visitors from around the world to share knowledge and experience in the fields of internet peering, data centres or network security. In addition to the main program, the event will also include workshops led by our colleagues from RIPE NCC, as well as bilateral meetings.

Prospective attendees are invited to download the conference app - an easy way to keep up to date with all the important information about the event.