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Public Peering

Internet Peering VLAN or ISP Unicast VLAN is the most widely used exchange service and Peering is the essential service offered by Internet exchanges. This serves as the basis for the majority of Internet exchanges providing public interconnection. Networks connected to the NIX.CZ platform have the opportunity to interconnect with other connected networks; usually ISPs, content providers, Internet media, search engines and many others. This makes interconnection between networks easier and also more cost efficient. Peering reduces network costs for Internet Service Providers, but simultaneously increases their stability and availability. To carry out interconnections faster and easier, NIX.CZ operates Route Servers for public peering. This service allows networks to connect to the Route Servers where they can mutually interconnect without further configuration. The Internet peering service is provided within NIX.CZ 's dedicated VLAN Ethernet infrastructure which is enabled by the employment of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and is available in the following capacities: 1GE, 10GE and 100GE or multiples of these capacities. The entire infrastructure is monitored 24/7by NIX.CZ’s own supervisory department (NOC).


Private Interconnect Platform

Private Interconnect (PI or PNI) enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated VLAN on the NIX.CZ infrastructure. The technical requirements are that the PI VLAN can be implemented either on an existing port or a dedicated port, both with 802.1Q tagging. NIX.CZ operates a private interconnect service on a separate VLAN from the public peering VLAN. Upon request NIX.CZ engineers are ready to set up connections within and between the five PoPs in Prague to create point-to-point connections. Members or Customers are only connected together by express mutual agreement and are only charged for the initial setup of the VLAN, with no additional install/setup fees or any recurring charges after installation of up to five VLANs.



The FENIX project was created by the Czech peering node NIX.CZ and is primarily a reaction to intense DoS attacks targeting Czech internet services, media, banks and operators in March 2013. The purpose of the project is to ensure the availability of Internet services of the connected entities during a DoS attacks. 

A participation in the project is subject to a number of conditions set in the Terms which must be fulfilled by each company wishing to join the project.  By joining the FENIX project, the participating organizations have clearly showed their interest in increasing network security and improving their customers’ safety. 

The FENIX project is managed by its members themselves. The latter are independent of the NIX.CZ association and have complete decision-making autonomy.

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FENIX project networks
ACTIVE 24, s.r.o. AS: 25234
Casablanca INT, s.r.o. AS: 15685
CESNET, z.s.p.o. AS: 2852
Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. AS: 28725
ComSource s.r.o. AS: 199803
COOLHOUSING s.r.o. AS: 35592
CZ.NIC z.s.p.o. AS: 25192
ČD-Telematika, a.s. AS: 25512
České Radiokomunikace a.s. AS: 25248
Dial Telecom, a.s. AS: 29208
ISP Alliance a.s. AS: 47232
itself s.r.o. AS: 12570
Kaora, s.r.o. AS: 42000
Master Internet, s.r.o. AS: 24971
MERIT GROUP a.s. AS: 39904
O2 Czech Republic a.s. AS: 5610, a.s. AS: 43037
Telco Pro Services, a.s. AS: 39791
T-Mobile Czech Republic, a.s. AS: 5588
VSHosting s.r.o. AS: 43541
Web4U s.r.o. AS: 39790
2 connect a.s. AS: 35236
NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o AS: 6881

TLD Hosting

This service provided by our exchange is primarily designed for Top Level Domain and Root Server operators to improve the quality and availability of their DNS infrastructure.
The conditions and procedures vary according to the individual needs of each customer.


NIX.CZ Association reviews services on a quarterly basis determining the volume of services actually provided on the last day of the respective calendar quarter. On this date the services provided in the respective quarter are charged and hence, this is the date of tax liability.

Any member/customer can pay in advance according to the anticipated amount of the received services and, after the end of the calendar quarter the balance as calculated by NIX.CZ is then debited or credited to the member/customer.

Installation fees are charged by an invoice issued within 10 days from the installation completion date

The port overload fee is equal to the cost of an additional port (the highest speed port of the member/customer).

Each invoice is due to be paid within three weeks from the issue date. The due date for payment is explicitly stated on each tax document.

If there is a delay in payment, the NIX.CZ Association is entitled to charge interest on late payment amounting to 0.1% of the debt for each day of default, and the debtor must pay such penalty interest when requested. The maximum amount of the interest on late payment, which can be requested by NIX.CZ, is equal to the overdue payment. All expenses connected with the settlement of the interest on late payment are to be settled by the debtor including fees for payments. Details of outstanding/bad debts are also made public on the Intranet of the Association until the debt is settled in full.

If the member or customer has not paid the debt within 21 days of the due date, the Association is entitled to suspend the provision of services to such a member. The reconnection of the services is then charged as an installation fee in full, according to section 2 of this pricelist.

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Full price list 2018

Pricelist of NIX.CZ Association valid from 2018/01/01
MONTHLY Payments for services provided to members/customers
Fee for 1× 1GE port (incl. IP address) 2 000 CZK
(approx. 75 EUR)
Fee for 1× 10GE port (incl. IP address) 14 000 CZK
(approx. 550 EUR)
Fee for 1× 40GE port (incl. IP address) 40 000 CZK
(approx. 1570 EUR)
Fee for 1× 100GE port (incl. IP address) 50 000 CZK
(approx. 1990 EUR)
Fee for private VLAN (up to 1st – 5th VLAN, including the peering one) 0 CZK
Fee for 1x private VLAN when the amount is 5 and more 1 500 CZK
(approx. 55 EUR)
Housing of a secondary DNS for TLD according to the decision of the Board
Prices are excluding VAT.

For the calendar month in which the sum of the monthly member fees for services under section 2 of this price list is less than CZK 8 000, the member monthly fee for these services, or the possibility to use these services, is set in the amount of CZK 8 000. This fee is applicable only for members NOT for customers.

ONE TIME payments for services provided to members/customers
Initial membership fee for members (non taxable) 50 000 CZK
(approx. 1,850 EUR)
Installation fee of any ports + any changes 10 000 CZK
(approx. 360 EUR)
Prices are excluding VAT.

Standard modules are included in the prices. Other modules (especially modules ER, ZR etc.) are offered individually. Please contact NIX.CZ in case you are interested in non-standard modules.


Online calculator

Prices are calculated according to price list valid from 2017/01/01, excluding applicable VAT. Choose from the following: