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NIX.CZ introduces new price list, connection prices fell by one-fifth

A new price list of NIX.CZ was presented by Ondřej Filip,the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the June membersmeeting. The changes, which apply from the beginning of July, concern the monthly fees for the use of 10GE, 40GE and 100GE connections. In the first case, the new price of the monthly connection is 10 000 CZK (before 12,500 CZK). Those interested in a 40GE connection will currently pay 30 000 CZK per month (before 37,500 CZK) and in the case of 100GE connections, the price has dropped to 38 000 CZK (from 48,500 crowns).

"In the case of 10GE and 40GE capacities, prices are reduced by 20 percent, for 100GE connections we decided to reduce the price by 22 percent. Such a significant reduction in prices has been enabled by the growth of number of connections in the past year. This growth was strongly supported by the promotion to help the networks in the state of emergency. I would like to thank our members and customers for being active, which pleasantly surprised and pleased us," said the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ondřej Filip.

"During the crisis, we registered an increased interest in capacity upgrades of connected networks. A large part of the population worked from home during the state of emergency, which generated a great strain on the networks of our members and customers. That is why we have come up with an offer of assistance, in the form of a opromotion, that was a free upgrade of capacity for two months. During this event, there was an increase in capacity by 1.3 Tb," adds Adam Golecký, director of the NIX.CZ association.

A new price list is also being announced in euros, particularly for foreign companies in order to make financial planning easier for them, not having to consider changes in the exchange rates. Fees for 10GE connections will be for 400 EURO per month, for 40GE it will be 1,150 EURO per month and 100GE connection will cost 1,500 EURO per month.

The price list of the Slovak interconnection node NIX.SK for connections exclusively to the Bratislava node remain the same. The above-mentioned rates will apply to connections to both the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the same time.