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Czech and Slovakian network administrators' community meeting — CSNOG 2021 — is going to take place on October 13 and 14

The fourth year of Czech and Slovakian network administrators' community meeting (CSNOG 2021) is going to take place online on October 13 and 14. Purpose of this event which is regularly visited by network specialists form all around the world is to facilitate sharing of experience and practical solutions that can improve quality of Czech and Slovakian networks and to share opinions on current network topics. The organizers are gradually going to provide more information community website and on social networks — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

Programmes of previous years consisted of topics regarding internet connecting on exchange points level, new telecommunication and network security tools or domain names system. Presentations and corresponding video records can be found on the meetings' websites: CSNOG 2018, CSNOG 2019 and CSNOG 2020.

Main organizers of CSNOG 2021 are the CZ.NIC Association, NIX.CZ and CESNET.