Neutral Internet eXchange
Neutrální výměna dat, kvalitní a rychlá infrastruktura, efektivní komunikace, to je český peeringový uzel NIX.CZ



Marian Rychtecký becomes CTO of NIX.CZ

Marian Rychtecký has become the new technical director of the Czech neutral peering node. He will be responsible for the operation, supervision, development, security and construction of the NIX.CZ and NIX.SK (neutral peering exchange in Slovakia operated by NIX.CZ) nodes. Marian Rychtecký's competencies will also include testing of new technologies and cooperation with foreign partners.

Marian Rychtecký started his professional career at CL-Net (later RIO MEDIA), where he worked as technical manager of backbone infrastructure. His next position was in an international pharmaceutical organization in which he was in charge of the European WAN network as well as the VoIP platform covering over 30 branches in 20 countries.

In 2017, Marian moved to Dublin in Ireland, where he started working for the cybersecurity team of his former employer helping to build a security infrastructure and run the global MPLS and SD-WAN network. He also has experience in designing and operating corporate datacenters.