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NIX.CZ interconnects its nodes in Prague and Bratislava and updates its price list

Yesterday's working group of the Czech neutral internet exchange, NIX.CZ brought two novelties. The first is the interconnection of the Prague and Bratislava peering nodes, and thus the interconnection of networks operating there. The second news then is about the updates of the price list for 1 GE ports and higher capacities.

The NIX.CZ and NIX.SK interconnection means that the NIX.CZ peering VLAN can also be configured on ports of those networks which are connected in Slovakia. In practice, this change enables networks to access two VLANs (Czech and Slovak), and peer with companies connected in either of the countries.

“At NIX.CZ Association, which operates the Slovak NIX.SK node, we will now test this connection on one 100 GE route. Providing this project turns out to be viable and continues to develop, we shall start working on a second backup line. Following our survey, this interconnection was interesting for networks connected in Slovakia. Naturally, this also brings benefits to networks connected in the Czech Republic as new networks to peer with easily will appear at the NIX.CZ node in Prague,” says Adam Golecký, Director of the NIX.CZ Association. 

The updated price list, valid from July 1st, involves changes in all port capacities. In the case of 1GE ports, which have so far cost CZK 2,000 a month the port fee is reduced to CZK 1 for the first port in this capacity; next 1GE ports remain at CZK 2000 a month. 10 GE and 100 GE ports are reduced by CZK 1,500 per month. 40 GE ports will sell with a CZK 2,500 price reduction.

“With this change we aim to simplify connection for networks into NIX.CZ. Our goal is to make the starting conditions for new customers as easy as possible, especially for smaller ISPs and Internet content providers. Nevertheless, companies choosing to take advantage of this option must take into account some limitations, such as limited technical support, which will only be available during working hours, ” adds Adam Golecký.