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Neutrální výměna dat, kvalitní a rychlá infrastruktura, efektivní komunikace, to je český peeringový uzel NIX.CZ



The latest issue of the NIX.CZ Newsletter has been published

The July issue of NIX.CZ Newsletter provides information on the interconnection of the NIX.CZ and NIX.SK nodes and on changes in the price list. We are also pleased to announce the award for Ondřej Filip, Chairman of the Board of Directors of our association, who has recently been named a Board Member of RIPE NCC and has also become a member of the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. We certainly do not want to forget to mention the new record in data transmission and the appointment of the new technical director of NIX.CZ, which is Marian Rychtecký. Our newsletter concludes with a report on the second meeting of the CSNOG community, where we were one of the main organizers.