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Neutrální výměna dat, kvalitní a rychlá infrastruktura, efektivní komunikace, to je český peeringový uzel NIX.CZ



The latest issue of the NIX.CZ Newsletter has been published

The July issue of NIX.CZ Newsletter provides information on the interconnection of the NIX.CZ and NIX.SK nodes and on changes in the price list. We are also pleased to announce the award for Ondřej Filip, Chairman of the Board of Directors of our association, who has recently been named a Board Member of RIPE NCC and has also become a member of the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. We certainly do not want to forget to mention the new record in data transmission and the appointment of the new technical director of NIX.CZ, which is Marian Rychtecký. Our newsletter concludes with a report on the second meeting of the CSNOG community, where we were one of the main organizers.


NIX.CZ interconnects its nodes in Prague and Bratislava and updates its price list

Yesterday's working group of the Czech neutral internet exchange, NIX.CZ brought two novelties. The first is the interconnection of the Prague and Bratislava peering nodes, and thus the interconnection of networks operating there. The second news then is about the updates of the price list for 1 GE ports and higher capacities.

The NIX.CZ and NIX.SK interconnection means that the NIX.CZ peering VLAN can also be configured on ports of those networks which are connected in Slovakia. In practice, this change enables networks to access two VLANs (Czech and Slovak), and peer with companies connected in either of the countries.

“At NIX.CZ Association, which operates the Slovak NIX.SK node, we will now test this connection on one 100 GE route. Providing this project turns out to be viable and continues to develop, we shall start working on a second backup line. Following our survey, this interconnection was interesting for networks connected in Slovakia. Naturally, this also brings benefits to networks connected in the Czech Republic as new networks to peer with easily will appear at the NIX.CZ node in Prague,” says Adam Golecký, Director of the NIX.CZ Association. 

The updated price list, valid from July 1st, involves changes in all port capacities. In the case of 1GE ports, which have so far cost CZK 2,000 a month the port fee is reduced to CZK 1 for the first port in this capacity; next 1GE ports remain at CZK 2000 a month. 10 GE and 100 GE ports are reduced by CZK 1,500 per month. 40 GE ports will sell with a CZK 2,500 price reduction.

“With this change we aim to simplify connection for networks into NIX.CZ. Our goal is to make the starting conditions for new customers as easy as possible, especially for smaller ISPs and Internet content providers. Nevertheless, companies choosing to take advantage of this option must take into account some limitations, such as limited technical support, which will only be available during working hours, ” adds Adam Golecký.


Marian Rychtecký becomes CTO of NIX.CZ

Marian Rychtecký has become the new technical director of the Czech neutral peering node. He will be responsible for the operation, supervision, development, security and construction of the NIX.CZ and NIX.SK (neutral peering exchange in Slovakia operated by NIX.CZ) nodes. Marian Rychtecký's competencies will also include testing of new technologies and cooperation with foreign partners.

Marian Rychtecký started his professional career at CL-Net (later RIO MEDIA), where he worked as technical manager of backbone infrastructure. His next position was in an international pharmaceutical organization in which he was in charge of the European WAN network as well as the VoIP platform covering over 30 branches in 20 countries.

In 2017, Marian moved to Dublin in Ireland, where he started working for the cybersecurity team of his former employer helping to build a security infrastructure and run the global MPLS and SD-WAN network. He also has experience in designing and operating corporate datacenters.


Ondřej Filip from NIX.CZ entered the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame

On the occasion of the 20th annual Information Security Summit - IS2 conference, Ondřej Filip, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NIX.CZ, was delivered an award for his contribution to cyber security in the Czech Republic and joined the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. Ondřej Filip was awarded this prize by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CETIN, Juraj Šedivý. The first laureate is Jaroslav Šmíd from NÚKIB, who won the award last year.

“It's an honour to become a member of the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. I also take this award as a commendation for the projects we work on in NIX.CZ. Namely the FENIX project, which already has more than 20 members. These networks are not indifferent to their own safety, but more importantly, also about the safety of all their clients and customers,” said Ondřej Filip.

TATE International organizes the Information Secrity Summit - IS2 every year. This event is a ceremonial appointment to the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. There is always one nominated personality who has influenced cyber security in the Czech Republic by a significant or long-term positive contribution.


Ondřej Filip has been elected a board member of the European Internet Registry Administrator

Ondřej Filip, the CEO of CZ.NIC and the Director of the Board of the NIX.CZ association, has been elected a management member of the RIPE NCC organization that governs blocks of IP addresses for Europe, the Near East and a part of Asia. Ondřej Filip’s appointment as a manager of such an important organization means appreciation of his work in the field of Internet domains, networks and technologies. The function that Ondřej Filip will hold for three years in the RIPE NCC is honorary and unpaid.

“I am much honored to be chosen for such a prestigious position by members of an organization as important as RIPE NCC. I perceive my appointment as an award not only for the Czech Internet community, but also for the two associations I represent. For both CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ, it is a confirmation of their reputation as important organizations that take care of the development of the Internet infrastructure worldwide,” said Ondřej Filip.

RIPE NCC was founded in 1992 as an independent, nonprofit membership organization that supports Internet infrastructure. RIPE NCC is primarily a regional Internet registry (RIR) that provides services to more than 22,000 members, primarily Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunication organizations. More info on RIPE NCC can be found on


Registration launched and first abstracts listed by CSNOG 2019 organisers

First abstracts of presentations together with a registration form can now be found on the website of CSNOG 2019 – the community meeting for network administrators from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The aim of the meeting that will take place on May 27 and 28 in Brno is to enable the experts to exchange experience, discuss the current issues and share solutions leading to the development of Internet networks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The organizers of this second event are CESNET Association that operates and develops the national e-infrastructure for science, research and education, CZ.NIC, the Czech national domain administrator, and NIX.CZ, the neutral peering node for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Currently, the first batch of abstracts has been made available on the CSNOG 2019 website, with more to follow in the near future. We are pleased to have received presentations from both business and academic representatives. I am convinced that this year as well, we will put together a program that will be interesting for a wide group of people enthusiastic about the happenings in the field of computer networks. Finally, I would like to add that the CSNOG 2019 meeting is a community one, which means it can be joined by anyone who deals with networks or is interested in the novelties in the area. This offer is aimed at both individuals and organizations that would like to become partners of the meeting,” said Sergey Myasoedov, chairman of the CSNOG 2019 program committee.

For more information associated with the CSNOG community and its conferences, visit the website. News can be found on our social media websites at TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.